Not to stare at a blank computer screen, struggling to explain your brand and what you stand for, wondering if you’re ever going to escape the endless, time-consuming cycle of chasing clients and sales.

This is where I fly in – power posing in my superhero cape. Your word nerd has arrived!

I write words that clarify your message online so you can confidently step into the spotlight with story-infused copy and content that’ll have your dream clients saying “Wait, they so get me!” 

You started your business to change lives.

Are you ready to turn your dream clients into actual clients?

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Walk away with a website that works even when you’re busy changing lives or living yours to the fullest.

Become the go-to brand in your niche with custom, authority-building content delivered to you every month.

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The perfect solution for brands who need new website copy or email sequences done ASAP! 

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For so many years, I was afraid of showing people who I was – I was scared of being judged or saying the wrong thing. I finally realized that holding back wasn’t protecting me…it was giving everyone the absolutely, totally wrong impression of me. 

When you don’t tell people who you are, they’ll decide for themselves. And the exact same thing is true for your business. 

It’s time to go from blending in to confidently stepping into the spotlight! I write copy and content that helps you book clients and make sales even when you’re busy changing lives or living yours to the fullest.

Are you ready to moonwalk your way out of your comfort zone and into flexibility and financial freedom?

Hey, Hi, I'm Melissa!

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Part storyteller, part cheerleader, and full-time copywriter and content writer.

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Kind words from kind clients

"I didn't expect to feel so revived by reading through the copy. I felt very 'Heck yes, this is what I offer! Wow, I can really help people!' reading through everything you prepared! It helped affirm my offerings and what I'm achieving through this work."

"Melissa was incredibly kind and calm which really allowed me to be myself and share my heart. She was able to offer a range of styles of writing which was very valuable. She was both poetic and artistic, but also able to write in a way that aligned with my audience."

"Melissa helped us hone & refine our brand's voice across blogs, social media, press releases, and website copy. Melissa was always quick to respond and address feedback, can easily pivot to various writing styles, and delivers on time and on target."

Emma at Emma Leigh Studios

Herman at Cinapse

Taylor at Unify the Ties

Oh stop, now I'm blushing...

Melissa helped us refine our brand voice

Melissa allowed me to share my heart

I felt very “Heck yes, this is what I offer!”

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Trusted to write for:

- Emma at Emma Leigh Studios

"Melissa was able to address potential customers' concerns in ways I was unable to see. She really understood my niche, and was able to speak directly to my ideal customers…So pleased!"

- Herman at Cinapse

"Melissa has been an excellent partner for our marketing copywriting, focusing on our specific needs and helping us hone & refine our brand's voice..."

- Gabe at BAE Systems

"Melissa's reviews and input saved time and increased the value of our products, while saving time and headaches."

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