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5 Ways to Make More Money with Your Words

If you’re anything like me, your biz is your baby. 

And you’d do just about anything to take care of it. And to make it better and more successful (hello more sales and more clients!).

As your copywriter, I’m handing out the tips today. Today we’re talking about how to make more money with your words. 

Strategic copywriting is one of the best ways to create powerful, positive change in your business. And it’s one that a lot of people overlook and ignore. 

You might be tempted to think that all words are created equal, but if you don’t have any strategy or story behind what you’re doing, you could be losing sales and clients. 

So, let’s get into it! I’ll provide examples from my own website and social media to make every step easier to understand.

Here are 5 ways to make more money with your words:

1.) Write strong headlines for your website

Readers on average only stay on your website for a few seconds. And 80% of those readers only read your headlines. Hence, strong headlines (and subheadlines) can be a game changer for your biz. 

If your headlines are strong, your dream clients will be drawn into what you’re saying and be more likely to read the rest of your copy and stick around to contact you. 

To write strong headlines, you should answer the following questions:

  • What results do you provide (the benefits of your product or service)
  • Who do you provide these results for (your target audience)
  • How do you provide these results (your product or service)

Including these three things shows people that they’re in the right place – you understand them, you’re talking directly to them, you know what they’re going through, and you have the perfect solution. 

And don’t feel like you have to cram all that information into one line. Make use of subheadings and even eyebrow copy (a brief line above everything). 

As an example, here’s a headline, subheading, and eyebrow line from my website:

My eyebrow copy – “Hey there, wallflower!” – defines who I’m talking to, aka wallflower entrepreneurs who aren’t putting themselves out there.

My headline – “Step confidently into the spotlight…” — shows the benefit of working with me. My clients end up with words that help them feel confident and make sure their message is super clear. It also tells readers that I provide story-infused copy. 

My subheadline — “Copywriting for entrepreneurs…” – Further clarifies who I’m talking to (entrepreneurs) and further explains the benefits of my services (booking out your calendar and becoming the go-to solution). 

Hopefully, that helps you see how to include all that information in your headline section. Check out a few other websites and see if you can pick out each part in their headline. 

2.) Include social proof

Including social proof on your website can help your dream clients trust you more and when they trust you, they buy from you. 

Social proof can look like testimonials from previous clients or customers, the logos of the brands that you’ve worked with, or the logos of publications and podcasts you’ve been featured on. Recognizable brands help, but truly great testimonials can do wonders. 

Here is an example of a social proof section from my website. I include testimonials from previous clients – calling out the juiciest nugget in the headline – and logos from brands and companies that I’ve previously worked with/for.

Good testimonials can prove to your dream clients that you’ve helped others just like them get the desired solution they’re looking for. People want to know that you can deliver on your promises before they buy from you and testimonials help with that. 

Include testimonials, client feedback, and logos of brands you’ve worked with on every web page and on your social media. This helps dream clients trust that you’re the one they need to solve their problems.

3.) Write in easy-to-understand language

Trust me, no one wants to wade through a bunch of technical jargon and five-syllable words to figure out how you can help them. 

Don’t make them work for it, because they probably won’t.

If your headlines are intriguing enough for them to want to read on, don’t hit them with scientific words and flowery language. 

Keep. It. Simple. 

People are busy. They want to be able to scan your text and immediately glean what is useful to them out of it. If they have to work for it, they will probably exit your site and find someone else who speaks simply and easily. 

Ask yourself how you would explain your product or service to an elementary school kid. And then go from there. And as a bonus, keep your paragraphs short and your sentences easy to digest. Big blocks of text can scare people!

4.) Write social media captions that hook

Start each social media caption with a phrase that “hooks” your reader aka something that makes them want to keep reading. The longer they engage with your content, the better your reach and engagement will be. 

And we all know that more reach and engagement can lead to more clients and more sales.

A few good ways to start a hook is to mention that you’re spilling a secret, or include a controversial opinion, or ask a common question that your audience has. 

After the hook, lead them through some useful information, tips, tricks, or the benefits of your product or service. Then end with a call to action (see the next way to make more money with your words).

Pardon my silly face, but here’s a few more hook examples you can steal right now!

5) Use easy Calls-to-Action

End every social media caption with a CTA and also sprinkle them throughout your web pages where it makes sense. 

Telling the reader what to do next can help move them further into the sales pipeline, leading to more sales, more clients, and eventually more money in your pockets.

On your website, include a CTA after you discuss a program or product about how they can reach out to you. Or after a headline or section where you introduce yourself and your qualifications.

On social media, include one at the end of every post or video. A few good ones to include are CTAs to follow you, to leave an emoji or a word in the comments if they want more information, or to DM you.

Which one will you try first?

Forward this blog to someone who needs to read these tips!

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