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7 ways to banish holiday burnout

Can I get an AMEN that Black Friday is behind OH-VER!?

Talk about a lot of stress for one 24-hour period. 

But tis’ the season, eh?

Every brand and business owner feels the stress of the holidays, and it’s easy to let the overwhelm sneak up until you just *can’t* anymore.

AKA you reach the point of no return. 

And then you are BURNT the fudge out. 


We’ve all been there. But here’s the kicker. 

We don’t have to go there. 

In fact, there are a bunch of strategies to avoid getting to the point of exhaustion, frustration, and fatigue that makes even the littlest thing seem like a monstrous, snow-capped mountain to climb. 

Today I’m breaking down my favorite ways to avoid buying a one-way ticket on the burnout express.

Here are 7 easy things to do when you feel burnout creeping in:

1) Take a deep breath! Or a whole bunch.

This is so embarrassing. But if someone were to watch me closely throughout the day, they would notice that I take deep breaths pretty often. It keeps my anxiety at bay and lets me get back to the task at hand. 

2) Take care of your body. 

Burnout sneaks up faster when you’re not drinking water, getting sleep, and eating well-balanced meals. I know, I know, it’s hard to prioritize those things when you’ve got a lot going on, but I promise it will make a huge difference in your energy and focus.

3) Ask for help!

We weren’t meant to do this whole *life* thing alone – and the same thing is true for your business. Is there anyone who can take something business related or not off of your plate? 

4) Eat the holiday treats!

I know I just told you to eat balanced meals like half a second ago, but I did say *balanced*, didn’t I? Enjoy the holiday treats that you love! Prioritize joy. Better yet, take a moment away from your desk to really savor things and relax. 

5) Take a few moments to write down 10 things you’re thankful for

This one is my favorite. I write all day for my clients but I love to write for myself too. Gratitude lists are a great way to take a moment away from the craziness. And if you’re like “But I’m not a writer,” who cares! You’re the only person who will read it. Put pen to paper and see what happens.

6) Start a countdown for the end of the holiday rush

Whenever I’ve had a long slog or waiting period to get through, countdowns definitely help. I used an app to countdown until I could see my husband after boot camp and it made everything so much easier. It helps you see that time really is passing even when it feels like you might be stuck in this season forever.

7) Schedule something for yourself for after the holiday season 

Put something on your calendar for after the holiday season is over like a spa day, a relaxing day with friends, or a little trip. Having something to look forward to can keep your spirits up and motivate you to stay focused. 

The holidays are no time for burnout

Take a screenshot of this list and whip it out when it feels like the tinsel-clad walls are closing in.

The holidays can be hectic because of work and life and family and EVERYTHING, but we don’t have to feel stressed about it. Or get to that point of no return.

We are going to make it through.

Everyone take a big deep breath together!

Happy holidays to you and yours!

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