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3 things to clarify to make more $$$ with your words

Today we’re discussing three things that you need to clarify in order to make more money with your words.

And I’m not just talking about clarifying these things in your mind.

I’m talking about getting these concepts down in cold, hard copy — copy that you can use and reuse throughout your business.

I’ve totally been there…where I think I have it all figured out in my head but when I sit down to answer a potential client’s questions I can’t figure out how to take what’s in my brain and put it down on paper.

That’s when I spend an hour writing a short paragraph. Whereas if I had all these concepts solid, clear, and already written, I could just tweak the words for what I need them for — all while staying on-brand and on-target.

Seriously y’all, this is life-changing.

The 3 things your need to clarify (in cold, hard copy) if you want to make more money with your words:

1. Who is your audience​
You need to sit down and figure out exactly who you are serving in your business. You need to write down their demographics (XYZ), their psychographics (ABC), what kind of dog they have, how they take their coffee, what their interests are, and every little bit in between. Once you have all this information, boil it down into one paragraph about your dream client and the current problems (and associated emotions) they face.

How this helps you make more money: When you are 100% clear on your audience, you will know how to talk to them, where to talk to them, what matters to them, how you solve their problems, their needs and desires that you can speak to, and whether or not a potential client is a good fit. Having down in words exactly who they are and what they’re experiencing is incredibly useful — you can use the same words and bits of copy across your website, social, email, and other marketing to show your dream clients you fully understand them. When you connect better with your dream clients, they’re more likely to become your actual clients.

2. The value you provide your audience
You need to become crazy clear about how exactly your product or service helps your dream client. How does each feature of your product/service translate into a benefit for your dream client? Why is this the one product/service they should buy to get to where they want to be?

How this helps you make more money: Every potential client is going to be wondering these questions when they come across your brand. You need to have copy ready to go that gives them all the answers in a clear, consistent way. Every brand touch point needs to have the same message and similar wording so that the value you offer becomes synonymous with your brand through repetition. When your dream clients inherently see the value you offer, that’s when they are likely to buy from you. 

3. Your brand stories
You need to sit down and find 3-5 stories you can use over and over in your copy. These could be personal stories, past client stories, or even fables/myths. You can find these stories by thinking about when you’ve/your past clients/etc have struggled with the same problems your audience is facing now, when you’ve/your past clients/etc have experienced the same emotions your audience is experiencing, when did your/your past clients’/etc life look like your audience’s looks right now, and how did you/your client/etc get to where you/they are today. Find the stories where there’s an overlap and that relate to the value that you clarified in the previous step.

How this helps you make more money: Storytelling is arguably one of the most important tools you can use in your business. Stories keep your audience engaged, help them see how you can help them, help them relate to you, and builds human connection and trust. All of these things help dream clients stick around, trust you, and buy from you.

But Melissa, won’t people notice if I reuse copy?

I’ve discovered that a lot of business owners think they need to reinvent the wheel every time they have to write copy in your business.
I’m here to tell you that is NOT the case.

It’s easy to think that your dream clients will notice if you reuse the same story or the same phrase but honestly, most people aren’t paying that close attention. It takes on average seven exposures to really remember something. So, reusing your copy helps your audience remember you in the long term.

Write it well once and then repurpose, repurpose, repurpose!

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