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I planned all your blog content for 2023. Here it is.

In case you live under a rock with no calendar, it is somehow NOVEMBER.

This year flew by. But it seems like all years do that these days.

But that means it’s almost 2023.

And whether you already have a blog for your business, or you’ve got a resolution to start one, you’re going to need content ideas. Lots of them.

I’ve compiled a list of 52 STUNNINGLY awesome blog post ideas that you can steal for the New Year. There’s one for every week.

And if you’re super ahead of the game, you can get started writing them now!

52 blog post ideas for 2023

  1. Answer some FAQs to put clients’ minds at ease
  2. Share something that bothers you about your niche or industry
  3. Write a profile on a long-term customer and the work you’ve done for them
  4. Post a blog on how the year is going so far (share wins, work, and future plans)
  5. Compile a list of your most popular posts so far
  6. Share a list of your favorite business or industry-related books
  7. Summarize current industry trends and your opinion on each
  8. Conduct an interview with another industry expert
  9. Write about the history of your field or industry
  10. Show your readers behind-the-scenes snippets
  11. Highlight a recent project or client win
  12. Tell your story about why and how you started your business
  13. Share some of your favorite resources (books, podcasts, blogs)
  14. Show us how you plan and spend your days as a business owner
  15. What people should know before starting a business like yours
  16. Share a How-to
  17. Share surprising things you’ve learned in your business journey so far
  18. Share a controversial opinion about your industry and why you believe it
  19. Conduct and share an interview with someone who inspires you
  20. Walk prospective clients through your process in detail
  21. Compile a list of reviews of your product or service
  22. Make a list of 10 things you’re planning to learn this year
  23. Tell us what scares you most in your business and why
  24. Introduce yourself, your story, and who you are outside of your business
  25. Tell us how you plan to achieve your current goals
  26. Break down what’s on your business bucket list
  27. Share your business motto and what it means to you
  28. Celebrate your business birthday
  29. Share the best advice you’ve ever received and how you put it into practice
  30. Compare yourself now to when you started your business
  31. Break down your mission statement and what it means
  32. Walk us through how you find your clients and customers
  33. Write a thank you letter to your clients and customers
  34. Share a list of conferences, events, and other learning opportunities
  35. Tell us the boundaries you set in your business and why
  36. Share your favorite tools and tech you use in your business
  37. Compile quotes on a specific topic and share the list
  38. Survey your audience and share the results
  39. Break down a common debate in your industry or niche
  40. Share your predictions for the future of your industry or niche
  41. Tell us how your product or service is different than your competitors
  42. Walk us through how you relax at the end of a busy week
  43. Share who is the biggest influence in your life and why
  44. Put together a beginner’s guide to your industry or niche
  45. Celebrate a win in your business
  46. Celebrate a client or customer win or transformation
  47. Tell us what you do to get out of a rut
  48. Debunk common myths of your industry or niche
  49. Sum up what you’ve learned this year and what you’ll be changing next year
  50. Tell us 10 things that you’re grateful for this year
  51. Share how you’re spending your holidays
  52. Share your business resolutions for the New Year

Which one of these is your favorite?

I’m tied between #25 and #48.

This list is also amazing because you can use it for social media posts too. Definitely mashing two potatoes with one fork, if you know what I mean.

Can’t wait to read your blogs and social in the NEW YEAR!!

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