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Bad copywriting: what *exactly* it’s doing to your business

Bad copywriting is the hooded henchman of the business world – out to jeopardize your sales and turn your dream clients against you!

But as copywriters, we’re prone to talking about what GOOD copy does for your business. 

So you’ve probably heard all the great things about effective copywriting. Like how it helps clients understand how you can solve their problems, how it builds SEO and authority in your niche, and how it builds relationships with your dream clients. 

But today, I’m going to flip things all upside down. 

And we’re gonna chat about just what bad copywriting does to your business. 

Spoiler alert (and I’m sure you already guessed this)…it’s nothing good. 

bad copywriting

Here’s how bad copywriting (or even mediocre copywriting) affects your business:

Your dream clients don’t understand your product or service

This one is a big one. One of the main reasons that clients hire me to write their copy and content is so they can clarify the benefits of their product or service. 

Because, as we all know, when our clients understand the benefits and how they solve their problems, that’s when they buy. 

So, if your copywriting is overly complicated, vague, or otherwise unclear, your dream clients won’t understand the benefits of what you’re selling. 

They won’t understand the transformation you offer. The relief they will feel. The good outcome waiting on the other side of that purchase button. 

And when they don’t understand those important elements, there’s no way they’re going to buy from you. 

They’re going to peace out and head over to a competitor who has their words in order. 

Your dream clients don’t stick around on your website

Have you ever visited a website that is chock-a-block full of big ol’ chunks of text? 

I know when I do, I say “bye-bye” real quick. Most people don’t have the time or patience to read through a big block of text, especially one full of heavy technical jargon or lengthy sentences. 

Good copywriting curates crucial information about your brand into bite-sized pieces that your dream clients can easily digest. 

It takes complicated topics and puts them into words that your reader can easily understand and get behind. 

Bad copywriting is difficult to wade through, like a big stinky swamp. 

It’s the unfortunate reality that clients don’t want to do the heavy lifting when it comes to understanding your product, service, and brand. 

Bad copywriting places that burden on them. And when anyone is forced to work hard AND spend money, they probably won’t do it. 

Unless it’s a CrossFit class. People love that ish. 

But that’s a whole other story. 

Bad website copywriting is going to turn your clients away faster than you can say “No, wait, please don’t go!”

Your dream clients don’t align with your mission and values

Bad copywriting means your dream clients won’t understand the “why” behind your business. 

They won’t connect with your story. With your vision of the future. With the whole reason why you do what you do. 

Bad copywriting will leave your mission and values a complicated or uber-vague mess. Either way, you miss the opportunity to make a valuable connection with your audience. 

82% of shoppers want to buy from brands whose values align with their own. 

And if bad copywriting is keeping them from understanding your “why,” how can they align with you? 

Holy cow, bad copywriting really ain’t good

I told you!


Bad copywriting really is the villain of the business world. 

But, just like the good guy always escapes, there are always solutions to bad copywriting. 

Hiring a copywriter is a pretty good start. 

Or sinking deep into DIY. 

The best solution depends on where your biz is currently. 

If you’re at a place to hire a professional, click here to defeat bad copywriting for good.

You’re just a few weeks away from copy and content that helps your dream clients understand and trust your brand.  

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